Dec 10, 2020

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An instant, painless solution to get the perfect brows!


I have always struggled with my eyebrows. I’m one of those people who have very, very light eyebrows so I tend to get a little lazy keeping them in tip top shape! As I have gotten older, I’ve learnt just how much eyebrows shape a face and how much of a difference they make to mine when they are done properly.

However, with everything we’ve been going through at the moment and salons not being open for beauty services, its been a little hard to stay on top of them.. until I found an amazing product from Browspop!

Waxing, plucking and threading are for some people, painless methods of hair removal, not to mention the skin irritation that some of us get afterwards!

That’s why these guys created the Precision Brows Pen # it’s an instant, painless solution to get the perfect brows for your beautiful face!

I was sceptical about this product, but, I had no reason to be! I was fascinated that this little gadget could do what it did! Thanks to the shape that my eyebrows already had, I was able to turn it on, and use slow, circular movements to remove the hair and help reshape my brow.

So, how does it work you ask? It involves the use of a hidden blade that shaves the hair. There are 15 small slits in the tip of the pen that is used to catch each hair. Behind that slit is a precision blade that is completely concealed allowing for a 100% pain-free experience!

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