Gramercy Melbourne

Dec 10, 2020

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Scented candles with a fantastic message!

I loooove candles. If you were to walk through my house you’d see I have a candle burning in almost every room. I love making my house smell great and the ambiance of candles!

I’ve recently come across a new company called Gramercy Melbourne. Their candles and packaging are such high quality but the reason behind their products is why I love them so much.

A candle has and will always be a classic representation of bringing light to darkness.
Gramercy Melbourne weave this concept into how light can also be brought into the lives
of others through the act of giving and receiving, to give light to others.

Candles are so often used as sentimental gifts of kindness whether it be for celebration,
sympathy, thankfulness or congratulations, and they’ve always enabled people to experience a
special feeling of gratitude. Which is why they made it so each candle is consciously titled ‘gratitude’ in a variety of different languages.

The beautiful Jorja from Gramercy sent me a few samples of their candles, plus their ‘reconnaissance’ candle, which is the French word for gratitude. These candles have a 55 hour burn time and my house was filled with the most beautiful sandalwood and frankincense scent.

These candles look beautiful burning throughout the house – they come in a 350ml rose gold vessel and along with the black label look divine!

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