Happi Earth

Dec 9, 2020

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Less is more with Happi Earth!


Happi Earth is a brand new laundry detergent which will challenge the way you think about doing the laundry.  Each 1 litre refill pouch holds enough detergent for 400 washes, so for a regular family, the $99 cost covers your laundry for a whole year.

We gave Happi Earth to our staffer Remy J,  who with her family of five decided to put it to the test.  We initially tested the detergent on a regular whites/light load in a front loader set to cold wash.  The results with two small pumps was just as good as anything we would normally get from our regular brand name liquid laundry detergent.  In fact Happi Earth claims that when tested against Australia’s leading laundry brand, Happi performed 61% better (on average across 8 independent lab tests).

We then did a test run on some particularly odorous male t shirts that had been sitting in the dirty washing basket for a couple of days.  This time we found, we needed to double the pumps to get a clean wash. So for really dirty loads, it may be necessary to do 4 pumps instead of 5.

But it’s the amount of laundry detergent used will test your thinking.

Happi Earth decants into a smaller pump action container and each wash takes just two pumps.   Each pump is around 1 teaspoon of liquid, so it’s a tiny amount compared to what you are currently using.  If you are a capful and then another half for good luck the small amount of liquid required might take some getting used to.

For us it worked out much cheaper using Happi Earth at around 25 cents per wash instead of the 41 cents our normal brand would cost us.  But it’s not even the cost saving that makes it a perfect fit for us. Our household is constantly on the look out for ways to reduce our reliance on single use plastics and this does just that.  Every purchase reduces 13 plastic bottles on average from our environment, per household every year.

It’s also Wild Harvested, Fair Traded and Certified Organic with no GMO’s or hidden nasties! The only ingredients are Organic Soapberry Nut Concentrate, Organic Bean Glycerine, Organic Ethanol, Organic Orange Essential Oil and Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

Happi Earth gets the thumbs up from us and out of 5 stars, we’ll rate it a big 4!!

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