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Dec 10, 2020

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Online music lessons that save you time and money!

Something that I am proud to say that my kids love is music. They’ve grown up listening to it, dancing to it and now it’s unusual to them if there is no music playing in the car or at home. But one thing I haven’t given them the chance to do, is learn how to PLAY music. And now, thanks to ILearn Music, they have been learning how to play music for the past few weeks and they are LOVING it!

ILearn Music runs online music lessons for children by the fabulous Margaret Bennett-Hall.

Margaret has an obsession with keeping live music alive. She believes the best way to do that is to teach our young people, our kids, how to read and play music, starting with the piano. They can branch out to other instruments later if they want to, but the piano gives them the best grounding to start with. People have lots of regrets in their lives, but no one has ever regretted sitting at a piano and learning to play it – EVER.

Through ILearn Music, they want to promote the benefits learning music has for children, focus, concentration, memory skills. And the benefits online lessons have for parents, time saving and costs less than traditional private lessons. Parent can subscribe to the Music Club for access to all the lessons, and each monthly payment costs less than the cost of one private music lesson.

This is such a fantastic idea for parents and the joy of music and learning how to play it really does shine through children. If you’ve been looking at getting your children into music, this is your chance to do it at a much cheaper cost – and no running around after school getting yourselves to lessons!


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