Dec 2, 2020

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A safe and effective eco-friendly cleaning system for your entire home!


This week ive been testing out some products from Koh. Formerly known as EcoWorx, Koh is a safe, effective and eco-friendly cleaning system for your entire home.

The lovely team at Koh sent me the Home Mop Bundle Deal. It comes with a 4L universal cleaner, 1 atomiser, 4 microfibre cloths, 4 diamond sponges and 1 spray mop with 5 mop pads. They also threw in a grout brush which came in very handy when I cleaned my shower!

The thing I love most about Koh is the universal cleaner. I love that you don’t need a different product for a different surface or room of your home. You use one product and it’s safe around humans and pets!

The atomiser spray bottle is so nice to use. It is light to hold and carry around the house and gives a nice even spray.

The microfibre cloths are coloured, and used for different areas and surfaces of your home. I used the green cloth to clean my kitchen – it can be used for most general surfaces. The stainless steel came up so nice and I didn’t realise just how dirty the walls in my kitchen were until I used this product!

The blue cloth is for bathroom surfaces and it worked really well. Then I moved onto the shower which is where the white cloths are used. After wiping down both the inside and outside of my shower, I definitely noticed a difference. The cloths are really soft and nice to use.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly cleaning product for your house, I highly recommend Koh. They’re on Facebook and Instagram or you can visit their website at koh dot com.

The bundle packs are great value – especially when the universal cleaner lasts you so long!


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