Dec 10, 2020

OMG Star Rating:

Stick-on nails. Effortless, flawless and applied in minutes.


If you’re like me and love having your nails done but hate the damage that gel polish, acrylic nails and the like does to your nails, then you will love this new product I have found!

The company is called ‘Lejoi Nails’ and they sell reusable nails that look flawless once they are on, and only take minutes to apply!

The team at Lejoi sent me two of their styles – their ‘Summer Snow’ set and their ‘Empress’ set. The Summer Snow set are white and a longer, coffin shaped length, whereas the Empress sent are shorter, square shaped nails and a really nice red colour.

The nails are attached to your natural nail with adhesive tabs – so no damage to your nails and they come off really easily and are also super easy to reapply if needed.

I wore both of these for a few days, yes, they lasted 4-5 days for me. And I’m your typical Mum with 4 kids that is doing groceries, washing up, laundry, working out.. and they still lasted that time! For those of you who are thinking, ‘5 days isn’t very long..!’, just remember that the idea behind these is a temporary manicure. It might be for a night out, a special meeting or even just because you want to feel pretty that day.

They have a few different styles on their website that you can pretty much match with any outfit and use for any occasion!


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