Dec 10, 2020

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An Australian based brand bringing you the most stylish and eco-friendly self-massage tools.

I have found a fantastic, natural product for anyone that suffers from ailments like headaches, back pain and shoulder tension.

The Mobeco products are all made from cork which is a 100% natural raw material, 100% renewable, 100% reusable and 100% recyclable. The reason that they decided to use cork for their products is that it doesn’t absorb sweat and bacteria as your typical foam rollers can.

They have three products: the Cork Baller, Cork Peanut and Cork Rollie. They are used to place gentle pressure on the muscles and act like a massage.

These tools are perfect for typical pain spots like your lower back, knees, shoulders, neck and everything in between.

I suffer from neck and tension headaches almost daily. I’m always on the hunt for products and treatments to help ease the pain and I’ve really found the Mobeco products help. Even after using them for just a couple of days, I’ve noticed a huge difference. My husband has a bad back and every afternoon after work, the first thing he does is get on the floor with his cork roller and relieve his back pain!

These would obviously work really well after the gym, instead of your foam roller, to roll your muscles after a workout too!

If you visit their website at you’ll be able to buy all three products separately or save some money and buy the whole bundle! You won’t be disappointed!!

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