No Vac

Dec 8, 2020

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A range of carpet cleaning products that work to sanitise, deodorise and remove spots and stains from your carpet!

I have a big family – 4 children under the age of 12 and a tradie husband. I also have a dog and a cat. This means that I get a lot of dirt, stains and who knows what else in my carpets and furniture.

As much as I have scrubbed, sprayed and burnt off 1000 calories in one cleaning session, ive never found a product that actually works… until I found no vac!!

No Vac’s range of carpet cleaning products work to sanitise, deodorise and remove spots and stains from your carpet… all without using a vacuum cleaner.

In their range they have a carpet sanitiser and deodoriser, a carpet spot and stain remover and a pet sanitiser and deodoriser. They also have some great scents, not your typical cleaning scents which is nice for a change. They have linen breeze, garden breeze and sheer vanilla and orchid to name just a few.

The sanitiser and deodoriser is so good for super strong smells in your home. It has an advanced formula specifically designed to combat strong odours – it tackles tough smells trapped in the fibres of fabrics with ease with no vacuuming require!

Application is so easy – you spray a light covering of the quick drying foam and it seeps straight into  the surface and instantly gets rid of the smell. It dries in minutes and leaves no residue.

The fresh pet is also awesome if you have a furry friend in your family! You know those comfy warm blankets that you put on the dog bed that end up leaving that lingering smell if you don’t wash it in awhile – give it a spray of no vac in between washes and walla! Your pup will love you!

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