Samson & Charlie Skincare

Dec 10, 2020

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An independent, natural and clean beauty brand.





Skincare is always one of the most popular products that we feature and we think that because it is so important, these businesses deserve to be spoken about and tested! So, today we want to tell you about a new company we have found called Samson and Charlie.

It is an independent, natural, clean beauty brand that is vegan, cruelty-free and proudly handcrafted in Melbourne.
Samson and Charlie products are made to address specific skin issues, and they have a really great skin quiz that you fill out to find the perfect products before your skin before you make a purchase.
I have some redness that I really dislike on my face and I suffer from the occasional breakout so the team at Samson and Charlie sent me products to deal with these issues.

They sent me their ‘Hello Sunshine’ brightening Booster Bundle – a beautiful daily cleanser and brightening facial oil that that smells divine! I used both of these to start my morning and I’ve never felt so fresh and clean to kickstart a day!
They also sent me their Renewal Anti-Aging Glow Essential set. Anything that has the words ‘Anti-Aging’ on the packaging.. I’m more than keen to try! The scents of these products are a mixture of watermelon, kiwi, pomegranate… all of those delicious fresh scents. This pack came with cleanser, toner, serum, facial oil and moisturising cream. A great way to finish off my skincare routine after a day wearing makeup and again, my skin felt so fresh, so clean and so soft!

They have so many fantastic products and beauty tools on their website!



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