Snotty Boss

Dec 10, 2020

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The newest Australian nasal aspirator to help your child breathe, feed and sleep better.

I want you to think about those times where you were up all night with a sick child. They were congested, had a blocked or runny nose and no matter what you did – hot showers, vaporizers.. you just couldn’t clear their nose and you both ended up having a sleepless, unsettled night.

Those nights will no longer be an issue thanks to a product that you can buy from a company called Snotty Noses. Their battery operated nasal aspirator, called the Snotty Boss – is a godsend for parents who are struggling with a congested child.

The Snotty Boss came just at the right time a couple of weeks ago – my 4 year old son had picked up a head cold and his nose was running like a tap. I grabbed out the aspirator and without going into gory details – my boy could breathe again and slept so well that night. We spent the next few days clearing his congestion and it helped him so much.

I don’t have a baby to try this on but I remember just how upsetting it was when my children were younger and they were so blocked up that they had trouble breathing, sleeping and even eating. I wish I had one of these back then too!

When children can’t blow their nose, this is the perfect answer. It removes blockages from your child’s nose gently and in seconds. It’s safe for all ages – newborns, toddlers and preschoolers, until they learn to blow their nose themselves.

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