The Midnight Gang

Dec 10, 2020

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Say goodbye to stripping the bed with these 100% waterproof sheet protectors.









Night time accidents are a normal part of growing up. But bed wetting can be a hassle for parents, and for older children it can even be an embarrassing issue.

Over the years I’ve had a few issues here and there with my children with bed wetting and toilet training and the amount of liners, waterproof sheets and pads we tried is endless, we actually ended up using heavy duty garbage bags because that was the only thing that worked!

I wish I had of known about The Midnight Gang back then! These guys make waterproof sheet protectors that are absorbent, stylish, comfortable and completely free from nasties. And best of all, they go on top of the fitted sheet so mums and dads don’t ever need to worry about stripping the bed in the middle of the night again!

I’ve been using one of their waterproof sheet protectors on my youngest sons bed who is still in the toilet training process and it has been amazing to use. My son calls it his ‘special sheet’ because of the very funk pattern on it, it makes it fun for him instead of it being an uncomfortable, loud and annoying protector!

If you have kids or grandkids who are in the toilet training stages or have problems with bed wetting – the products from this company will be a lifesaver for you! They have just released a new product for babies called ‘Mini Mates’ which are designed to use in the bassinet, in the pram, on the rug, during tummy time, while burping, breastfeeding, changing nappies…basically anywhere that a spill might occur. They will keep your surfaces dry, protected and stain free.




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